Meet visual storyteller and brand innovator Courtney Mason.  Delivering best in class creative, she has committed her career to the exploration and enhancement of visual multimedia. She provides brand & agency clients with quality assurance and transparency into her creative process and methodologies, able to concept, execute, and launch creative campaigns from start to finish.

Her thoughtful approach is only rivaled by her imaginative, inquisitive, quick-witted personality. Undaunted by challenges, this small yet mighty creative has big ideas.  




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"For as long as I can remember, there has been a spark inside me to create. Growing up I immersed myself in music, dance, and visual arts.  What sets me apart from other designers is my creative versatility, ability to learn, and passion."



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Courtney collaborates globally with executives, marketers, sales, product, project managers, developers, and designers. With over 8 years of professional creative experience working with brands, agencies, and publishers, her areas of expertise include Branding & Visual Identity, Visual Design, Interactive Design, Product Design, UX/UI, Animation, Illustration, Photography, and Video. Some of the agencies she works with include P&G, Universal McCann, Carat, Mediavest, MEC, Mindshare, Starcom, OMD Entertainment, and more.




"It's like you waved a magic wand over it.  

Thank you. I really appreciate that." 


Beth-Ann Eason, President, Innovid

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