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Meet visual storyteller and brand innovator Courtney Mason.  From a very young age she showcased exceptional creative ability as well as entrepreneurial qualities.  In her academic career, she won several awards and grants for her creative work.  She studied at the Hartford Art School graduating with a BFA in Illustration May 2012 and continues to broaden her skillset through workshops and courses at School of Visual Arts, Society of Illustrators, and more.   Over the past decade, Courtney has helped globally recognized brands, agencies, and publishers in reaching their audiences in new and engaging ways by delivering strategic and deliberate creative solutions.  



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"For as long as I can remember, there has been a spark inside me to create. Growing up I immersed myself in music, dance, and visual arts.  What sets me apart from other designers is my creative versatility, ability to learn, and passion."



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Courtney identifies as a multipotentialite when it comes to her interests and areas of expertise.  She has equal experience in product design as she does in marcom and understands how design impacts and plays an integral role in reaching business goals across both functions.  Areas of Expertise Include: Branding & Visual Identity, Product Marketing, Presentation Design, Trade-Show Design, Digital Advertising (OOH, SVOD, CTV, DTO, Google Display Ads), Web Design, Social Media Design, Interaction Design, Product Design, Event Design, Commercial, Editorial, Educational video production.




"It's like you waved a magic wand over it.  

Thank you. I really appreciate that." 


Beth-Ann Eason, President, Innovid

Presentation Design for IAB

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