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Altice USA's lead a digital wellness initiative to educate customers about the importance of online safety.  To accomplish this, an online hub was created to host a variety of resources for customers to use for educational purposes.  The KPI of this commercial was to engage audiences, to drive traffic to the website, to incorporate the branding of the overall campaign, and to convey the importance of the message with a playful tone.  


I art directed this from start to finish, collaborating with our production team who shot all of the footage.  We edited and refined the script as a collective. I storyboarded the shots and transitions, animated the text and graphic treatments accordingly, sourced and placed the audio, color corrected the video, added video transitions, and output the final for review. Internally was revered by SVP's from the three departments involved in approvals. 

Created in After Effects, Illustrator

Altice USA, Q1 2020